More about those chickens……..

chickens-on-temp-coopWe’ve had the chickens for almost 7 days now and I have only gotten a dozen eggs out of them. Last night got a little colder than it has been, so Donnie and Darian put a heat lamp in the coop for me. The heat lamp is red, so the glow from the coop was kinda creepy. Our neighbors  probably think we either had a UFO in our backyard or that we are growing something illegal. I read that most chickens lay their eggs around mid morning, so I’ll give the girls a little more time. The coop has a ladder that leads down to the ground where they can get out into a pen and do some scratching, but no one has been brave enough yet to take the plunge. Except for the one hen I found yesterday and by all acounts she seemed quite upset to be down there without the flock. Who knows, maybe they pushed her? Someone decided that she had to be the one to go “explore” this new territory and perhaps she’s a cranky ole brood and the others thought it a good idea to use her a guinea pig.


  1. Well, I do not know anything about chickens…… I just wanted to be the first to post ya….. did I do it??? You know me, I am not a big computer wiz.

  2. I’m fairly new to all this technical stuff too, but am determined to learn as I go. I’m almost up to knowing more than my older kids about the computer….boy, are they gonna hate it when I have to show them a thing or two about this stuff!

  3. Chickens do slow down on production in the winter when the daylight hours are decreased. So do not fret! How old are your hens? We have six that we acquired in July. They were day old and started laying in Nov. We get six eggs daily but we have supplementary light for them. They are afraid of the dark 🙂 Silly birds.

    Grace and Peace and best wishes on your blog.

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