Darian @ 5 years old

My dark eyed handsome 14 year old boy informs me tonight that he wants to join the Marines when he is 18. He also then takes the defensive saying that I don’t approve of his “dream”. Not so, I tell him. As a matter of fact, I am not so concerned with what it is that he decides to “be” when he is all grown up and on his own…….as long as he is a good man, correction – a good Christian man. I think it surprised  him when I explained that I really and truly will accept whatever vocation he chooses as long as he “loves the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind”. I won’t lie and say that I am completely alright with the notion of one of my babies joining the military one day. (see above portrait of him at five………this is the image of him that will live in my mind) So far, he is the only one that has even expressed a desire to join a branch of the military. And to be honest, I’m really not all that surprised because he’s hinted at the notion for a while now. I know we need men and women to give their time and devotion to our country by serving in our military, but really didn’t want to let go of one of my precious ones to prove it.

Darian's portrait_edited-1

Anyhow, back to my main point……..I was trying to let my 14 year old son know that loving God with all that’s in us should be our main objective in this life. Nobody’s perfect, he tells me. And I tell him he’s missing the point. I am all but well aware of our human inadequacies, but I have been on this earth far longer and am trying to pass along just a little wisdom his way. I proceeded to give a bit (or maybe a lot) of my motherly advice…….concluding eventually to telling him that I love him……..because I do love this wonderful boy…………………so very much! Until around 3 years ago he was my baby. The arrival of his little sister and then baby brother bumped him out of “baby of the family” status. So, in the last few years he has done quite a lot of growing up……much of  this growing up of his own choosing and then some by my prodding him to do so. He’s a good intelligent boy. I’m not sure he realizes how good.

Life hasn’t always been easy for him. In fact, it has been heartbreaking at times. I’ve tried to be there the best that I can without smothering him. (He tends to be a loner and I try to give that space he needs)  I’ve offered advice and encouragement, but most of all love.

Darian is going to be just fine…..I have peace about this. I don’t know what he’ll choose to do when he’s old enough to do it, but I hope that when he leaves my nest, he’s ready…..ready and armed, not only with skills to take care of himself physically, but also with spiritual strength for what life will throw at him.


And as he has let me know here lately …….he’s going to be 18 in less than 4 years ………yes, I know this, boy do I know! But, I’m going to hang on and keep sharing some of my wisdom about life with him along the way….hoping that some of it is useful to him someday. I believe it will be and probably already is – whether he admits it or not. Because, as I said before, he’s an intelligent good boy and a great son too!

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  1. Darian is so beautiful. I’m so proud of him also. I hope his desire to be in the military changes because of my own fear for his safty but God will guide him and his life, as with ours, has always been in His hands. These are great pictures of him. Some girl is going to snatch him up before the Marines can get him.

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