Cure for Writer’s Block….

2009 03 14_0333_edited-1I’m not sleeping and its 1 a.m……So, I’m running a hot bath. I had a longish nap today – maybe slept too deep? I also have the dreaded writer’s block. Its like constipation except without the over-the-counter remedies. Ex-lax for writers….wonder what that would be: reading, maybe? Inspiring, moving music…..or perhaps the infamous brainstorming technique? Who knows! How can someone like me who has so many subjects and thoughts bouncing and churning around in her mind at all times have such trouble getting those thoughts onto paper or computer screen? I don’t usually have problems talking—-just ask my family members! In other words, there have been very few times in my life that I’ve been left speechless – at least for long. Maybe the problem is that I just have far too many things on my mind and can’t seem to decide what to write about next, so I’m waiting until some random thought becomes so overwhelming that it explodes right out of my brain and plasters itself onto the computer screen!

So, while everyone else in the household is snoozing and snoring blissfully, I’m up writing about writer’s block! Hmmmm, writing about writer’s block……….hey, I’m writing! Oh, I get it…….the cure for writer’s block is to write!
Even if its about writer’s block. This sort of reminds me of what I had a gastro doctor advice me to do when trying to help one of my children with regularity issues……..The doctor told me to have the child “sit” on the toilet for specified amounts of time at certain set times of the day whether the child felt the need to “go” or not. The doc said that eventually the body would be retrained to have the appropriate response to sitting on the potty.

2009 03 14_0326_edited-1 Therefore, I conclude that the possible way to get over the hump of writer’s block is the set the time, assume the position ( pen in hand or hands on ‘home row’ keys) and write…….even if its about nothing, because essentially and ultimately it will be about something!

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