Life is short. I’ve become so sensitive to this fact lately. I’ve caught myself breathing the breathtaking moments a little deeper, soaking up the joy a bit longer, and sometimes just so very grateful to be alive and in the present. There is so much I don’t know yet. And there is much I have come to realize whether I wanted to or not.

Whether it be 4 months or 40 more years that I have left here on this earth, I want to live life to it’s fullest. I’ve wasted too much time, but at the same time I’ve invested a lot of precious time into the ones I love. I just want to spend more time with these beautiful people I call my children, my family, my husband, my loved ones.

The years fade into memories so quickly. Here and now…I have the present. I am still breathing and growing every day inside. My past, present, and future is surrounded by God’s presence….He is with me. Living in His love IS Life to it’s fullest.

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