I got some time away!!

uk game


Most people that know me, know that I’m not a basketball fan even if I do wear a true-blue UK sweatshirt at times. My husband is the big UK Wildcat fan and bought tickets months ago for us to attend the game last night. I may not be the avid basketball game supporter but I am definitely a fan of “getting some time away” even if its just for a night. We booked a nice room at the Hyatt which is attached to Rupp Arena (that meant room service later and supper in bed with feather pillows). I sat  as enthusiastically as I could with a bright “GO BIG BLUE” smile on my face while holding a very wiggly 6 month old. (I rarely leave home without him – the baby, that is). The baby actually enjoyed all the noise and people (well,maybe not the screaming college co-ed behind us).  I think he’s become a little “Wildcat” fan now. Next game I’m hoping my hubbie buys tickets for the seats with backs. My back was screaming “owie” by the end of the game from having to sit on hard-on-your-hiney bleacher seats. All in all, I believe I displayed a genuine true blue attitude and seriously enjoyed myself. Really…basketball fan or not.


The drive back from Lexington was relaxing. I got to do some leisurely shopping at a very hip and funky little craft store called ReBelle’s. (here’s their store website address: http://www.rebellegirls.com/).  It was packed with all things knitting and some crochet stuff. I bought some yarn, a pattern book, and a new crochet hook and whipped out a little something on the way home. We also did a little flea market browsing and I ended up finding a couple of antique bottles to put my bath salts in. I found out later that one of the bottles is an original Joy dishwashing liquid bottle and was being sold on eBay for $99.00. Mine doesn’t have the original paper on it, its just glass, so I’m sure it isn’t worth that much. I only paid $2.00 for it so finding out that its worth a little bit more than that is mildly entertaining.

Getting out the door for this trip was an adventure in itself with me, my husband, and my 16 year old son, Darian trying to  get everything packed in the car, the kids settled in with their Grammy, and the baby ready to go with us. Our stress levels were a positive indication that we needed this TIME AWAY. I believe it was well worth braving the snowy roads and 20 degree weather. I feel much more rested (mentally) and had a wonderful time with the baby, Darian and my husband. Of course, room service and dinner in bed and sleeping in always does wonders! The baby  was an angel, as always, and a great little travel companion. His sweet giggles and bright sunny smile light up any day!

Never  underestimate the power of an overnight road trip.

or the charm of a good game of magnetic poetry…..

magnetic poetry 

magnetic poetry….go get one here:   http://magneticpoetry.com/


  1. Have really enjoyed reading your blogs! So very glad you
    were able to get a way for a nite. Everybody needs a little time
    away! 🙂 Happy for ya! 🙂

  2. Thanks, everyone! And yes, Twinkle, my batteries are recharged now (until I wear myself out again with doing to much and think too much) (-:

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