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I could “Keep Calm and Carry On” but I’ve done this and it hasn’t changed the situation, so I’ve decided to “Keep Calm and Blog About It” instead. Therefore, this is gonna be one of those posts where I vent a little…So, here goes:

I’ve always been under the impression that its impolite and actually down right stepping over the boundaries to reprimand someone else’s child when the parent is present. Its one of those unspoken rules of behavior that a few people obviously haven’t quite caught on to. Funny thing about these controlling type people is that they are so busy keeping a watchful eye out to see if your children mess up, that they fail to see what their own has been doing. But, don’t bother trying to bring this to their attention because their children are p-e-r-f-e-c-t.    (get ready to insert an air of sarcasm) Because their children are being raised by the most perfect and on-top-of-it-all mother in the world after all.{{aaahhhemmm?}}

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I must say that I had to squelch the momma bear in me, tonight. I am and have never been one of those parents that will say that her children are perfect or that they never misbehave. I am, however, thankful for how good they are most of the time. I have gotten plenty of compliments over all my years of motherhood on all my children’s behavior. I’ve also been told by more than a few that they admire my abilities as a parent of so many. I know that I’m not perfect, who is? I also know how hard I work everyday to raise my children and to teach them right….I spend  a lot of energy and time on them and always have. To say the least, I’m pretty spent at the end of the day. But to have someone spend so much energy trying to wait for what ever opportunity they can find to pounce on any wrongdoing one of mine commits, however small, is far more exhausting than any pile of laundry,messy room, or tired little toddler’s temper tantrum. Perhaps this person bosses and reprimands everyone’s children, but I’ve just had enough, I suppose. Especially knowing how exhausting it is to try and keep a watch on every little word and action all my little ones might do when this person is around. Funny thing is that my little ones actually act worse around this person. Go figure! Life is ironic like that, huh? Oh, well. You just can’t control every little detail in life  — and if you try to, then you are what they call a “control freak.”

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Besides, our children are not supposed to be trophies for us to sport around in attempts to make the world think that we have raised THE most spectacular specimens for all the world to oooh and ahhh over. Our children are people, immature little human beings with their own personalities and temperments regardless of how hard we try to hold our thumbs on them at all times. You can nurture them, teach them, lead them, and most of all love them. But, in the end, what they choose to do is because of their human nature. Redirect, use the mess up as a teachable moment, and try try try not to let the raised eyebrows of some disapproving, obviously judgmental, perfect person knock you off your cart. Because if you wait….their child will soon do just the same thing your imperfect darling has done. I promise. But, be sure not to exact a bit of revenge by correcting their child right under their noses before they’ve had a chance to do so themselves.

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  1. I posted a similar blog ( over the weekend with respect to my own *children*, my dogs. I don’t intend to insult by comparing the two but to relate in the way relatable to me. The differences are obvious but as you said it’s hard to watch your child being reprimanded for doing what is in their nature to do. So long as it is not a truly egregious act of misconduct, I have a very real problem with people who try to assert their authority over my domain. If nothing else, you don’t know the rules of my house so you may be correcting a behavior that is absolutely tolerated and correcting them is confusing. If I am standing right here give me the benefit of the doubt of knowing what is okay and what is not okay and what should be addressed and what you should keep your mouth shut and hands-off over.

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