late start today, but still got so much accomplished

Today was a good homeschool day. Things started out sort of bumpy with us not getting started until later than we’d planned, but we finished all our plans for the day while the babies took an exceptionally long nap. Maybe it was the dreary weather that prompted some sleepiness? Whatever it was, I’m thankful.

Map of China
Image via Wikipedia

Sofie and Devin are really coming along with their Geography knowledge. They can both locate all 7 continents now! We have moved on to studying China this week. Last week we studied Thailand and ate Pad Thai to celebrate. Devin was less than thrilled with this dish but ate it anyway. I do my best to encourage my children to try new things when it comes to food. (one of my pet peeves is picky eaters) Google Translate proved to be a big hit when we had it show us how to write their names in Chinese. They then made posters of their names in Chinese.

Self-portrait, Spring 1887 (F 345), Oil on pas...
Image via Wikipedia

The Geography study we are using is called Expedition Earth  and is written by another homeschooling mom. I’m so thankful for her curriculum. We are also using her USA Geography  and Artist Study. I think out of all our courses, these are our favorites. We have begun studying Vincent Van Gogh today. It never ceases to amaze me how intuitive my children are about art and how much they enjoy not only doing their own “artistic” projects but looking at famous art as well.

I won’t mention all our other studies for today. I just wanted to post a bit before relaxing tonight. I’m attempting to start hitting the hay earlier. I’ve figured that if I can manage to get up with the birds, get some non-schooling tasks done around the house, then maybe we can start school earlier. I’ll get back with you on that one. I’m a night owl by nature and do my best at just about anything at night. I’m total mush-mess in the morning. It probably takes me a full hour to begin feeling like I’m alive. But, I’m going to try this morning lark business and see if its possible to reset one’s inner clock. Already a sense of dread sets in…….

by the way, the picture above is  of Vincent van Gogh, his self portrait, in fact. I would say he looks like how I feel about getting up with the chickens- not so thrilled at all.

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