Doing everything without complaining (even if you have a stomach virus)

I went to bed late last night still struggling under the cramps of an obvious stomach virus. The virus “knocked on my door” after supper last night and left me feeling pretty weak and useless. I woke up this morning with even more intestinal rumblings and that overall “blecht” feeling. Hot tea seemed to help me get through our lesson plans for the day, thank goodness.

Our bible verse for the week is Philippians 2:14 – “Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Sofia and Devin have learned this verse with flying colors and I am putting it into practice today although I’m suffering from some awful “grumbling” in the gut.

During calendar time, we usually sing the days of the week and the days of the month. Singing them in song form has obviously worked because they both can recite the days of the week and the months of the year without singing them. They have been learning to count by 10’s and get this right most of the time without help. We are also working on the 5’s. Learning to “skip” count is essential for counting money and for other math skills. There are many parts of learning that basically need to be pure memorization. Other times call for understanding concepts and comprehension.

While they practiced their penmenship, I read to them the story of Elijah today and how he was swept up by a chariot of fire and horses. We also read about Elisha and how he was used by God.

They have mastered the continents and locating them on a map. This week we are studying the country of China. Already, Sofia can locate China easily. Today I showed them the numbers 1-10 written in Chinese and had them write their ages in Chinese.

6 In China, Its All About the Numbers picture(the number 6 in Chinese)




For Science, we are studying light and went upstairs before lunch to do a  little experiment on refraction. I took a short glass and placed a large button in the middle on the bottom. I then poured water into the glass. When standing to the side looking at the glass, we could see two buttons. I explained how this was call refraction which is the bending of light rays. Its the same effect you’d get if you stood a ruler in a glass of water – the ruler would appear bent. You’d think that this simple experiment wouldn’t lead to any incidents with the children, but Devin nearly knocked it across the floor while trying to see from my spot. There is no such thing as simple when you have a glass of water in the floor and 4 little ones gathering around and trying to see from the same place! Of course we had to retrieve the baby’s little hand when he went to splash in the water. Needless to say, it was a few moments of chaos before we finally got everyone seated and waiting their turn without spilling the water. Whew!

Throughout the day, I’ve found myself constantly having to reign in my energetically wired little 4 year old, Devin.  After lunch, I decided he needed to put his coat on and just go “run and play.” I truly believe that kids that have so much energy that others want to label them “hyper” when what they need is to be active and run off that unused energy. Devin is very smart and retains much of what is taught to him, but he has such a hard time with the sitting. I’ve lately had to remind him repeatedly to put his bottom back into the chair – he will literally stand or twirl in his chair at our school table. (:

We ended up doing our reading lessons right before bed due to running out of time this afternoon.  Other duties called….and I just plain had very little energy…so what I had left was spent on making homemade chicken noodle soup for supper.

By the way, there is such a thrill in hearing your child read to you from a book knowing that you taught them how to read. (:


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