That unattainable thing called “perfection”


Not able to be reached or achieved: “an unattainable goal”.
inaccessible – reachless – unapproachable – unachievable

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There is no such thing as the perfect person, perfect house, perfect lawn or even the perfect life. God is the only “perfect” one and when we strive to be closer to Him who loves perfectly and unconditionally, we stop giving the “things” that have no eternal value such high priority. Strive to love more, spend more time with your family and less time frittering around trying to outdo the world and achieve “perfection”. Crave an intimate and ongoing relationship of joy with your Creator. Strive to actually live like there was no tomorrow and to bask in it’s blessings instead of worshiping those blessings. I think sometimes we spend more time keeping up and polishing the things we own than actually enjoying  them or sharing them with othersAre you a Mary or a Martha? I know I want to be more like Mary and spend more time at the feet of Jesus and less time scrubbing the kitchen.I want to enjoy that “life” He’s blessed me with and the loved ones I share it with. What’s the use in having a nice Sunday dinner or holiday gathering with family or friends  if you spend most of your time sweeping up the mess and miss out on the joys of watching children play? How many priceless moments or good conversation do we miss all because we were wrist deep in hot soapy dish water? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating being lazy or irresponsible, I’m just saying that sometimes people get their priorities out of whack and tend to spend more time trying to maintain this unachievable level of “perfection” and in doing so, miss precious moments in life because their bodies were too busy and minds too immersed in worldly worries and thoughts. Jesus said He came to give us life and to give it more abundantly! I want to grab that truth and live out loud and purposefully today!

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I know I write about this subject of chronic busyness so much that anyone reading this blog is probably about as tired of “hearing” or rather, reading, about it as I am. The general population of people these days are so burdened with unnecessary loads. They choose to put more responsibility on themselves than is truly necessary. They choose to be too busy. We have choices and it seems to be a way of life these days to be overwhelmed by activities that don’t particularly enhance or improve our inner contentment or peace. Maybe people think they are being more responsible if they can claim the busyness badge. “Oh look at me, I’m Suzie Homemaker-SuperWoman!” “Nah, nah, nah,nah, boo, boo, my house is cleaner and neater than yours!” Seriously? That’s really what it all boils down to if you really examine the inner workings of what drives someone to carry on as if they are the upholders of the “world.” Its a façade or its martyrdom.

I must be the best Mom EVAH!

Maybe its a great way to get out of stuff. “Oh, I just can’t come to the (insert random occasion or gathering) because I’m just soooo busy!” Who knows how we end up hog-tied to one million things that really didn’t need our undivided attention 24 hours a day even in our sleep, we just do.  I just know that I refuse to allow the rest of my life to be this way. I have choices. I choose peace. I choose to do what needs to be done and leave it at that, refusing to overwork in order to impress others or to make others feel inferior. I’m sure  there are actually odd individuals who get some sort of sick satisfaction over making others feel that they didn’t “measure up”. Then there are some that love to play the martyr and work themselves sick. You know, the “poor tired me” syndrome? Maybe they do it to cover up some sort of inferior feelings they harbor or maybe they’re running from interaction with people. Who knows? I just know that I want my life to be different. I want to live it more abundantly and to teach my children to live more abundantly and enjoy what is given to us while taking care of things instead of placing them in highest priority as if to worship them. It took me nearly 4 years to stop stressing out about trying to keep my brand new house perfectly manicured and to start truly enjoying it as “home”. Yes, I do clean, redecorate and try to keep my home lovely. But, the only reason I do it is for the joy of living in it and sharing it with others. There are those days when spontaneity takes priority and fun with family means that chores around the house will go undone for the day. I carry NO guilt about it (most of the time). So, if you just happen to come visit me on days that our beds remained unmade or there’s some unknown sticky substance dripping from my dining room wall behind my 2 year old’s  chair and it makes you cringe, then get your bloomers out of a wad, kick off your shoes and come join me for a cup of coffee and conversation.

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Speaking of getting one’s bloomers in a wad, please do not think I wrote this blog to anyone in particular. I wrote this because I woke up this morning with this on my mind. Its an ongoing personal battle I have to fight with myself. I’m a perfectionist by nature although nothing in my life is perfect…obviously. I have learned that perfectionism keeps me from getting things done because if I wait until I have the time to do something “perfectly” then it won’t get done at all. Perfectionism is a flaw I’ve had to overcome in order to find peace in life.

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I believe the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about all this. I pray for peace nearly every day and perhaps this is just one of the things I need to work on in order to really find that “rest” and “life” Jesus promised us. As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it. I like “stuff” just as much as the next person, but when that “stuff” (homes, yards, vehicles, etc) starts to take our time away from our Heavenly Father and our friends and family, then it becomes an idol. I want to flee modern-day idolatry and live more spiritually and wholly. I want to use those possessions to bring honor to God and blessings to my family.

So, these words are for me from the Holy Spirit, but I share them because there just might be  chance that they’re for you too.

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.   (John 10:10)

Don’t let perfectionism and busyness be the “thief” that steals your peace and fullness in life!

Some really good book recommendations for those of us who desire to get off the perfectionism merry-go-round and draw closer to God:

The Relief of Imperfection: For Women Who Try Too Hard to Make It Just Right

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life

It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life

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