Frog Eating 101

A Australian Green Tree Frog
Image via Wikipedia

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain


I read this quote by Mark Twain today while doing some internet searching for organization. I’ve ordered a new life organizer- one that promises its just perfect for us artist-types and burned out moms that need a fresh perspective when all other stuffy judgemental approaches have left us wishing for something more inspiring. I’ll let you know how it looks when it comes in.

Oophaga pumilio, a poison dart frog, contains ...
Image via Wikipedia

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that I like the frog eating advice. I know I’ve heard this before along with the “how to eat an elephant” (one bite at a time.) I get stuck on trying to do too much all at once and then end up side tracked by either my own exhaustion or an issue with one of my children and then find that I’ve spend all day doing a little bit of everything but not any of what I’d wanted or planned on doing. Life is full of interruptions – some we bring on ourselves by pure distraction or avoidance. I, like, you, will avoid the biggest most dreaded task on my “list” and maybe even end up forgetting it on purpose altogether. Much of the time, it was the thing that needed to be done first and most importantly. Those dreaded “things” on our  to-do lists are the “frogs”.  By the way, have you ever seen a dog eat a frog? Apparently, frogs are very nasty tasting creatures – I’ve yet to see a dog gobble one down like its a yummy gravy soaked milkbone. The silly dog will gag and grimace all while struggling to get the squishy amphibian gulped down.

English: A green frog on a palm frond.
Image via Wikipedia

Eat that frog first and the rest of the day will seem so much easier. (Hopefully it won’t be too bitter a task) I’m gonna start doing this again. I know its just a very simple principle that I’ve done in the past, but somehow have strayed from. Well, I better get up and go “eat that frog!”



  1. Yeah, I have a few frogs waiting for me today but thought when I saw a new post, “Wonderful, I will chill a moment and read Lisa’s blog.” What does it tell me but to get busy with my distastful frogs! I guess it’s bon appetite time. BTW I’m still working on that elephant. It does not seem to be getting any smaller. I think her name starts with an A. and she looks a lot like me.

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