7 lies about homeschooling…. Fun Stuff!!


I happened on this hilariously cute  YouTube video posted by a friend on Facebook and wanted to pass it along. The schooling in our pajamas thing isn’t something we do however(usually)…..enjoy!



We had a fairly good school day today- even if we weren’t in our pajamas. (:

Flag of South Korea
Image via Wikipedia

We’ve started on a new country in our Geography studies – South Korea.  This is South Korea’s flag. Sofie and Devin both pasted this into their passports and we learned some very interesting facts about South Korea and read from Children Just Like Me. 

All other subjects went smoothly with a bit a whining from Devin over a couple of issues. Seems he doesn’t like to write if he isn’t in the mood or he messes up just a bit. On the other hand, I was very impressed at how quickly he learned our daily memory verse. Sofie was quite aggravated at his trying to help her, though. ):

It was Psalms 121:2-

“My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”


Sofie is doing much better in her math skills and is gaining confidence. She used to get stuck and then frustrated ending up refusing to carry through the lesson. It was as if she’d get mentally stuck on pure emotion. She’s a smart girl but seems to need more encouragement than I think is normal. Sometimes offering an incentive or an “or else” item seems to get her “unstuck”. In other words, “please concentrate on this lesson and finish or you will not be playing Wii later with daddy….or “finish this page and we will play a game or do an art project.” Don’t we all need incentives at one time or another? I know I do.


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