tire swing fun…

I usually try not to post pictures that I took that might be out of focus or just quick shots, but, I’ll have to put aside my “pickyness” and share these anyway.

she's so excited that her feet aren't even on the ground! (:

Saturday, I had planned on cleaning up my office and organizing a closet or two. But, I didn’t. Our day went just a bit off track for a few hours and we decided that it was just too pretty a day to waste indoors. Donnie and I played outside with our four little ones.They reminded us that we promised to hang up a tire swing in the tree in our front yard. So, it seemed like the perfect day to do it.

taking the tire swing for its first spin!

Funny, how the simplest of things mean so much to children…like an old tire swinging from their favorite tree. We had the best time including them in helping get it hung.

can you tell she's not camera shy?

The past Saturday may not have been productive as far as getting my office cleaned up, but it sure did wonders for our family. The whole day was such a relaxing and enjoyable time spent having fun. I’m glad my plans got changed! (:


  1. The Sabeth was made for man and not man for the Sabeth. The world has forgotten the GIFT of the Sabeth, that one day of glorious rest and praise for our wonderful creator God. He wants us to enjoy His gift of beauty, family and just basking in His presence. It renews our body, our mind and spirit.

  2. That would be Sabbath. Don’t you just love spell checker? I don’t know what Sabeth is but surely it’s a word. I just hope it’s a nice one.

  3. I looked up “sabeth” and this is what I found:

    Sabeth , sabeth meaning , definition of sabeth , what is sabeth – Equivalent to EPIC.Some examples : “Man, that movie was SABETH!”

    I learned a new slang word today! (:

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