You know its officially Spring when:

1. The Bradford Pear Trees are in full blossom! They’re just one of my favorite examples of early Spring eye candy. But, don’t sniff them, my little daughter, Sofie, says. Because, “they stink like dead fish!” So, I took a wiff anyway and I have to admit they weren’t the most pleasant scented blossoms, but I wouldn’t say they were as bad as stinky dead fish. (Sofie has a very sensitive little nose)

2. The bees are busy pollinating stuff and are apparently too busy to notice me and my camera spying on them. I got several shots, mostly of bee “butts”. This one cooperative little bee managed to pose a bit nicer for me. (:

3. Bare-feet running in the grass…the children insisted that their shoes were making them sweaty.(it was exceptionally warm here in Western KY today) So, its March and there are sweet(but later on very dirty) little bare-feet in the backyard already!

4. I hang my laundry out to dry…not every load, just sheets, blankets and sometimes towels. I’ve always loved hanging my laundry out. (Does that make me kinda weird?) Who cares, I’m gonna keep doing it! Besides, it gives me a really good excuse to get outside and it saves a little on the electric bill. And the kids like running underneath the swaying blankets when the wind is blowing.

My insanely brave husband jumped out in front of me(the newbie tractor driver) to get this shot. What was he thinking?!! Can you tell I'm shouting to him to "get out of the way"? Whew! Close one!

5. I get on the tractor to till the garden! Yes, really! My husband taught me how to operate his tractor today and till up our garden plot. I have to admit…it was f-u-n. And I managed to only knock  one fence post kinda wonky. (eeek! my heart just about stopped!) I thought for a moment I was in bad trouble. With one too many levers to remember to manipulate, I got addled for a second or two and ended up in forward when I meant to be in reverse! Ugh. I got over it, though. Live and learn. The kids watched from the fenced-in play yard. I think they were actually a little impressed seeing “mom” on the tractor.

OK, so maybe its not really “officially” Spring by the calendar just yet, but I say it sure feels like it lately. Today was gorgeous, to say the least. I’ve been bitten, and bitten hard, by Spring fever! I’m looking forward to planting the garden, camping, flowers, greener grass,hummingbirds, and longer days! Bring it on! (:



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