getting some “me-time” by the clothesline…

Our dryer has quit drying. So, until the repair person comes to fix it Saturday, I’ve been having to hang my laundry out on the line. I know I’ve said before how much I like it, but I forgot to mention that I only really liked hanging out sheets, blankets and towels. Now that I have no choice it sort of seemed like drudgery at first…lugging the baskets of wet clothing to the line and then standing there pinning all those tiny things -like toddler socks and tons of kids’ underthings.

As I stood outside (all children inside taking naps), I found some refreshing “me time” hanging out all those tiny clothing items. The sun was shining beautifully, the wind was just perfect for air drying, and the birds are all singing. It was a very peaceful 25 minutes to myself.

I suppose the moral to this story could be: “relaxation” and “me time”  are all a frame of mind – how and if you choose to use the situation as those moments to just breathe life in and appreciate God’s wonderful blessings (even if you just pinned up 16 pairs of little girls’ panties and 10 pairs of pajamas on a clothesline.)

Just in case you’re curious, there’s actually a how-to article here on line drying clothing. Fun Stuff.

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