Living in the kitchen today…

I’ve spent most of the day blanching cabbage, radishes and green beans to freeze. I’m getting a little weary with the heat inside my kitchen so I thought I’d take a break.


Today is the first time I’ve ever put radishes in the freezer. I googled it and apparently this is fine as long as you plan on cooking them. It’s simple: just blanch for 3 minutes in boiling water, plunge them into ice water afterwards and then let them cool and drain.


I’ve been using my FoodSaver to vacuum seal these veggies. This machine is great!


I was going to freeze 10 pounds of peaches but they’re so yummy that I’m saving a pitcher full in the fridge for snacking and making peach cobbler tonight using my mothers recipe. (Gonna have to get her to text that to me)


Well… I hear my youngest ending his nap time so my break is over now. I’m starting to wish I’d caught myself a quick catnap! Alex(my oldest son) did…poor thing was so exhausted when he got home that he collapsed on the couch! Looks as if he was too tired to take his sunglasses off or put down his cellphone!



  1. Your recipe has been sent to your email.
    Did you mean to put picture or did you mean pitcher?
    Alex is going to kill you !
    Where did you get your peaches?

  2. Oops! I actually did mean to say pitcher! Thanks! You are officially my editor. Alex can’t get mad at me…I’m making him the peach cobbler he wanted. (:

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