Is it bedtime yet?? I’ve had enough of this day!!

I can absolutely and positively say that this has been the most aggravating and exhausting day ever. Anything and everything that could go wrong, went wrong and I’m EXHAUSTED.😞 I’ve been bombarded from every angle all day. How much I’ve managed to take without ripping my hair out of my head amazes me.

Maybe when I crawl into a dark cool, corner somewhere cushy and comfy in this now quiet house, I will remember the few nice moments there might have been today. But, for now, I’m beat. Tired….and pretty much sick n tired! 😣

😢I found myself standing at the kitchen sink at midnight after this horrible day and tearing up in frustration. Does anyone ever hear me? I mean really really HEAR me for all that I stand for and all I do? Who’s “got my back” so to speak? Who is looking out for my best interest? I’m so busy taking care of my family I forget my own needs most of the time until I find myself in this utterly painful state of angry exhaustion. 😡

😳Something’s gonna have to give…before I start unraveling at the seams. 😳

🇺🇸One nice moment: the fireworks we took the little ones to see were nice. Very short, but exciting end. My toddler buried his head in my shoulder and shook all over, so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t very thrilled. Sofie and Devin loved them. Lexie wouldn’t even come out of the SUV, so my husband had to stay in there to keep her from screaming.

🎶I’m going to try some musical therapy ….aka “headphones and some Hillsong.”🎶 I’m sure tomorrow will look a whole lot better than today. 😌


  1. The morning light and the possibilities of a crisp new day usually make things look better because most of the time frustration is brought on by sheer exhaustion. When you are doing all that you can to hang in there and someone says an unkind or off the wall comment it can surely make you feel that no one has your back but you will see more clearly when your weariness has been refreshed with sleep and God whispers in your ear “I have you in the palm of my hand, I therefore I have your back also. Come to me, you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

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