Deep thoughts from the tub…


Yes, I am typing this from the tub with my iPad protected in its waterproof cover! (don’t judge) This is definetly one of my guilty pleasures. (:

Anyhow…on to my warm water jacuzzi induced rambling…

–I honestly believe that the majority of us are totally missing the point or purpose of our existence…and for all the struggling, busyness, and burdens we volunteer upon ourselves we are gaining nothing but a few more steps towards an early grave. I,for one, am going to reevaluate and hit my “refresh” button before I crash. God did not intend for us to carry some of the extra “baggage” we mentally drag around all day, I’m sure of this. Life’s just way too short and precious not to live to our fullest!

I’ll get back to you all later on how I intend to do this.

To be continued…


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