I Resolve to Have a Happier Year!

195_thumb.jpgI have always loved New Year’s. Its symbolic to me. New beginnings; a fresh clean slate. I’d mentally recharge myself and begin again no matter how crummy or filled with failure the previous year had been. I’d make the typical resolutions- you know – lose weight, get organized, read through the bible in a year, etc. Two weeks down the road, I’d find myself discouraged and actually resentful at my own list staring back at me on page 1 of my brand new journal. That sense of failure would set in and my joy over the fresh new year faded back into the every day doldrums of just doing what must be done. I don’t make those types of resolutions anymore. In fact, last year, I refused to make a single one. I resolved to not make those resolutions. I told myself that January 1, 2012, was just another  cold winter day. Ho hum and blah.

This year I’ve decided to rev up my old tradition of buying a brand new journal and go ahead and make some new resolutions. This time however, my resolutions are headed in the direction of gaining more joy and less stress….stopping and smelling the roses, and living life with less pressure and more pleasure.

So, for 2013….drum roll please…

Oh yeah.I resolve to stop obsessing over my household chores. My house is clean enough, I do enough (too much, that is), and life is too short to fold fitted sheets like my mother does. Sorry, mother, I do wad them up neatly. But, oh, the freedom I’ve found from not folding fitted sheets the proper way!

I resolve to be more spontaneous, become a picnic basket expert and take more random road trips, “just because.” dirt-path_thumb.jpg

I resolve to laugh more, especially at myself. But I also resolve to give myself permission to cry more often. This year two of my grown babies are leaving the nest to start their lives independently. I’m happy for them, but I’ve already warned my family, there will be tears and lots of them. 2010 07 04_7162Fireworks

I resolve to do more of the things I love, those things that put the spice and color into my life: singing, playing piano, sewing, photography, painting, drawing, dancing in the living-room with the kids, etc. 

081_thumb.jpgI resolve to spend more time with the people I love
and don’t get to see as much as I would like. Life is short and we as a population have titled ourselves “too busy” to socialize with our friends and family. Facebook and texting have coffeebecome the socially normal way to keep in touch. I want real live conversations over coffee and the presence of my dearest love ones on a more regular basis.

IMG_1280_0134_edited-1_thumb.jpgI resolve to love better, forgive more freely, and pass out more hugs. 

And finally, I resolve to pray more and more often, seeking God’s will in not only the “big stuff” but also in my every day moments.093redsky Because of Him, I have a new beginning with every sunrise and every next breath. God’s love is unconditional and He is filled with  compassionate mercy towards us. 

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
 They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.(Lamentations 3:22-23)


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.(John 10:10)


  1. I will hold you to these “non-resolution resolutions” you know. Now that I have it in writing and nicely dated I can bring them up and point them out all year long. Like an elephant, a mother never forgets! I especially like that one about coffee with loved ones. When is that going to kick in? I’m free for lunch!

  2. “Non-resolutions”? But, these ARE my real resolutions. I intend on enjoying life a whole lot more. And yes, a coffee date is needed soon. Stock up on your decaf cause I will probably be hanging out at your house much more this year….at times crying on your shoulder over missing the “birdies” that are leaving my nest.

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