I’m Baaaaaccccckkkk…

So, I am almost stunned and ashamed at the amount of time that’s passed since I’ve blogged here. I’m really too tired tonight to recount all the very many excuses, although excruciatingly valid, I have for not writing for so long, so I’ll save it for another day. From now on, on Wednesdays, I am going to post pictures only  in honor of a “Wordless Wednesday.” Obviously, duh, this one isn’t wordless but I needed to put forth my humble rambling excuse as to why I’ve disappeared from the blogging scene for about 6 months. My more formal and interesting explanation will just have to wait. I’m tired and in pain (recovering from a surgical procedure) and need sleep. So…here’s to Wordless Wednesday. Enjoy.

IMG_6988IMG_6968IMG_6967IMG_6950IMG_6952IMG_6939IMG_6938 IMG_6975Fall 2013IMG_6969

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