needing a new name…

There won’t be any shiny photos or catchy posters on this blog post. As a matter of fact, I’m keeping it super short and simple tonight. 

For several reasons, actually…

For one, I’m sleepy. I’m just not the night- owl I used to be. I wish I were…my night-owl habits used to produce some great stuff while the rest of the household slept. 

But, thanks to Sjogren’s, I crave, or rather, need, more sleep in order to function normal. My new normal is still hard to get used to.

The other reasons are like this- I feel the need to change the name of my blog. I primarily started the blog to include my photography, but I’ve found that many times when I have something I need or want to write about, I can’t because I don’t have new photos to showcase or just don’t feel up to waiting on the sometimes painful slow upload speeds. So…I just decide not to write. And I miss writing.

Its time for a change. Its time for a new blog name and maybe even a new style. But, for the life of me, I just can’t think of one that’s catchy, covers a wide range of what I might write about, and that doesn’t sound too cliche’.

So….until I have more time for creative brainstorming and hit a good revelation, I’ll leave the name in tact…’ll have to wait until whenever because  I am now hearing the tearful wails of my adorable, yet sleep robbing, 4 year old who for some unknown reason has decided that he wants to sleep in our bed tonight. Actually, I don’t blame him –  we’ve got the most shamefully comfortable bed in the universe. Really. 

oh well…so much for that quality sleep I intended to get…

ADVENTURERAS: Sleeping with My Kids
yeah, yeah, I know I said there’d be no cute posters


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  1. Hi! I just found your blog through your September 6, 2014 post. I’ve read exactly 2 of your posts now, but felt urged to comment on this one. Just about anyone can take a photograph, and some of them take really good images. Your writing creates lasting images, and you are the only person who can write your story. Please keep it up? The word pictures you write will last.

    And hang in there. Your 4 year old will not always be in your bed, nudging your face with his feet, so you may get a full night’s sleep… eventually. 🙂

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