Missing Autumn

I had the worst case of “overwhelmed mom syndrome” today! Actually, I should say yesterday since its already tomorrow,  yet I’m still up and feeling kinda wiry thanks to caffeine and taking my prednisone at a late hour. Also, one of our children has a nasty stomach virus, so I’m on nurse duty tonight.

taken while on our camping trip in October


There’s always so much to do here lately and so many unexpected things popping up. I’m getting that hamster in an endless spinning wheel feeling again! Sometimes I’ll daydream about how nice it would be to put everything and everyone on pause for a bit just so I could “catch up!” Where’s my reset button? I sure need one! I’ve got such a bad case of mental burnout that I’ve fantasized about a human version of hibernation. To top it all off the weather turned cold sooner than I would have liked and it didn’t seem that we got to enjoy much of a Fall season (although technically it’s still Fall).


So, I thought I’d pay a bit of a tribute to our much-too-short Autumn by posting a few shots I took before Winter greedily stole the scene.

taken with my Samsung Galaxy Mega


***sigh***   Meanwhile, as I  turn up the thermostat another notch, I’m plugging in my fuzziest and most inviting electric blanket and  looking forward to using some new art supplies  in order to better tolerate the chill of another winter.

another decent cellphone picture (:





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