Plot twist! 

This one will seem a bit mysterious.

But only to those of you who either don’t know me or are only here to lurk.

This thing…yes, it stopped me in place. Took my breath away. Left me picking up the “pieces” and sorting through some very raw and real emotions.

And the irony? I’m ok. Better than ok. I’m growing, healing and evolving through it all daily. (And being blessed in the process)

Who knew that at 48 you could still face something like this and find yourself feeling as if the very foundation you stood on was yanked out from beneath your (mostly) steady feet leaving you feeling like gravity malfunctioned and you’re free-falling through outer space.

After a few months of what certainly took my breath away emotionally – I’m anchored firmly once again. Shook myself off and finally “caught my breath.”

I always keep my eyes on what God has in store. Because, I guarantee you, that this- This “plot twist” in my life has a higher purpose. One that is unfolding before my eyes day by day.

This “plot twist” has taught me more about myself and people than any other event in my 48 years. It’s been, for a lack of better words, indescribable at times. I’ve felt and am still feeling emotions I have no words for.

Some of you will find that unbelievable- me left unable to form just the right word for what I’ve been going through. Actually, for what I’m still processing.

I’m sorry this post had to be so very mysterious and seemingly rambling. It’s just the way it needs to be for now.

I’m ok. More than just “ok.” God has a plan. He always has. He’s already proven this to me long ago and over and over.

And by the way, for those of you that have a friend or loved one going through something “difficult” and you don’t know what to say to them so you say nothing. Maybe you fear you’ll say the wrong thing. However, saying nothing or pretending “it” didn’t happen? Not the better choice.

If you care- say something…anything. Pick up the phone- just ask…”you wanna talk about it?” Simple. If they don’t want to they’ll tell you. But, I promise they’ll be conforted just knowing you tried.

After all, it’s sometimes the smallest acts of kindness that make the most in someone’s journey to healing.



About Lisa Tompkins

child of God, writer, reader, daughter,sister, wife, mom of many, home-school teacher,pianist,singer, photographer, lover of life and really good coffee
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