Is anyone really listening?

This one will seem a bit mysterious.

But only to those of you who either don’t know me or are only here to lurk.

This thing… it took my breath away. Left me picking up the “pieces” and sorting through some very raw and real emotions.

And the irony? There weren’t enough appropriate words to describe what I experienced.

So, even when I trusted someone enough to share what I was going through it was equivalent to standing naked and judged in a public arena.

Eventually I learned that bottling it up was easier. Actually safer.

Word of advice: if you have a friend or loved one going through something “difficult” and you don’t know what to say. Don’t assume that silence or avoidance is best. Maybe you fear you’ll say the wrong thing. However, saying nothing or pretending “it” didn’t happen? Not the better choice.

If you care- say something…anything. Pick up the phone- just ask…”you wanna talk about it?” Simple. If they don’t want to they’ll tell you. But, I promise they’ll be conforted just knowing you are ready to listen,

Because honestly, no one’s listening anymore. But maybe they should.

After all, it’s sometimes the smallest acts of kindness that make the most in someone’s journey to healing.

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