We’re all healing…

I’m healing from more than I’d realized. When I take the time to acknowledge my pain it rolls in at the most inconvenient moments. Maybe its time I just let it be…trying to pretend it’s not there and that all has been forgotten for the sake of moving along hasn’t cooled its sting.

I think if we’re all honest, most everyone is healing in some way…physical, emotional or even spiritual. Maybe life’s “work” is mostly a lot of healing and growth. I heard it said once that life is about “suffering.” I wasn’t real crazy about that statement, although there may be a fragment of truth to it.

“Suffering” doesn’t have to cancel out all the joy, the blissful moments and the carefree days. I believe the “suffering” only increases their preciousness and value.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of time lapsed between my last blog post and this one. I haven’t given up writing, however. I just temporarily paused sharing publicly through blogging. I’ve never stopped keeping a journal. Journaling has been an outlet for me for years. So many times I’ve wanted to blog about some things I was going through thinking maybe someone else could find some encouragement or comradery through my sharing. But, I’d sit at the keyboard overanalyzing how I was setting myself up to be either misunderstood or judged harshly. So, for the past couple years I’ve allowed the inner critic to shut me down. I suppose I could say I feel silenced. Maybe I just need to spend some time healing from the things I truly need to write about. I’ll get to it…eventually. When I work up the courage to face the negativity trolls and snickering onlookers. If you only knew how many “drafts” were saved on this blog yet unpublished! Its rather pitiful, actually.

My family and I have decided to join the 52 Hikes Challenge. For me its not only a great excuse to get outdoors, but also part of my healing journey. I intend to take some of these hikes alone. As a busy momma, I need some quiet to hear myself think. Sometimes, I just need to clear some space to know what’s really at the root of why I’m feeling a certain way. I suppose I could even say I’ve lost my creative focus. At times, I’ve even felt “shelved” in life. It’s almost as if I turned that certain age and the world said “step aside, old girl…time’s up! Your expiration date has left you stale and uninspiring!” Ugh and Bleh! Don’t even get me started on that feeling. That’s a whole other blog post subject just waiting to vent.

David Powell, a Western Kentucky weathercaster, posted this on Facebook recently:

“Sometimes healing consists of sitting in coffee shops and writing the years from your mind. Sometimes healing is laughing until you cry, its kissing your friend’s faces and being moved and inspired by your life. And sometimes, healing is rest, it is hiding from the world, it is having everything inside of you be still and quiet and eerily bare. Sometimes healing feels like nothing at all, like you are a silhouette of hope and hurt at the same time. Do not fight it. Whatever your healing looks like today, whatever it consists of—just allow it to be what it is. Just take care of yourself and trust God.”

Are you in a season of healing? If so, how are you going about it? No matter how, I pray that you know the One who can heal you best. Lean into the Peace that comes from knowing the Heavenly Father.

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”(Psalm 147:3)

My soul, bless the Lord, and all that is within me, bless his holy name. My soul, bless the Lord, and do not forget all his benefits. He forgives all your iniquities; he heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from the Pit; he crowns you with faithful love and compassion. He satisfies you with good thigs; your youth is renewed like the eagle.” (Psalm 103:1-5)

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