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Reflections on “Back to Church Sunday”

Today is Sunday, the first day of a new week, and many will be attending churches all over the world. Especially since today has been designated as  “BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY.” CHALLENGE: as you listen to the sermon, have your … Continue reading

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An Open Book?

Sometimes we say someone is “an open book.” Perhaps this person is outgoing, outspoken, or talkative. Maybe they’re honest and seemingly transparent. But is anyone truly an open book simply because a few of their “pages” or “chapters” are readable? … Continue reading

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An invitation and challenge to wade out a little deeper…

I’m inviting those that will to wade out or maybe even dive into deeper waters. To have a fresh look and unbiased perspective of God’s word. Continue reading

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Have we all fallen down a rabbit-hole? 

I’ve avoided writing in this blog  yet have wanted to so very many occasions in the last year or so. I’ve felt like a pressure-cooker of emotions and words. So, instead I keep, carry and write in a private journal … Continue reading

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Plot twist! 

This one will seem a bit mysterious. But only to those of you who either don’t know me or are only here to lurk. This thing…yes, it stopped me in place. Took my breath away. Left me picking up the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on thoughts etc…

The overwhelming thought I’ve chewed on lately is of how we far too often complicate our lives with overthinking, regrets, “shoulds,” comparisons, and “what ifs.” (Oh the irony) I’ll let you overthink that last line for a second… Another thought- … Continue reading

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this morning 

These gentle morning breezes are hinting of the coming season change…flowers are making their last grand displays or just quietly fading away…shadows play on the sun soaked newly mown lawn…an impatient hummingbird hovers near the empty feeder reminding me, once … Continue reading

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