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This is the area where I will do my daily griping and grumbling if need be, but also where I will counteract all the whining with what I am thankful for or how God has once again shown me grace & blessed me in some unique way. Feel free to join in, but don’t forget to balance out the complaining with some gratitude, ok? So here goes…….

Missing Autumn

I had the worst case of “overwhelmed mom syndrome” today! Actually, I should say yesterday since its already tomorrow,  yet I’m still up and feeling kinda wiry thanks to caffeine and taking my prednisone at a late hour. Also, one of our … Continue reading

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Why I’m hearing more from God these days…

  The day I stopped trying to keep a perfect house (and perfectly dressed children, perfectly coiffed hair, etc. etc. etc.) is the day I found sweet freedom. Freedom from the overwhelming busyness that kept me from noticing God’s most … Continue reading

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