Portrait price list

(I have pretty much retired my photography business except for occasional settings. I enjoy photography but not the business aspect. Here’s my prices just in case I agree to a setting)

Lasting Images By Lisa

Price List

PACKAGE- A-$70.00-This package will be just enough for yourself…or maybe just to give away as a nice surprise for someone you love!

  • 4 x 6 Print (Lustre)
  • 5 x 7 Print (Lustre)
  • 8 Wallets, die-cut (Lustre)

PACKAGE- B-$180.00-This package gives you just enough to keep for yourself and to share with friends and family members.

  • · 4- 4 x 6 Prints (Lustre)
  • ·3-  5 x 7 Prints (Lustre)
  • ·2-  8 x 10 Prints (Lustre)
  • ·4 sets of-  8 Wallets, die-cut (Lustre)
  • ·1-  5 x 5 Print (Lustre)

PACKAGE- C-$140.00-Just want one to put into that gorgeous frame you’ve been wanting to hang in a special eye-catching spot?

  • ·1- 11 x 14 Giclée Canvas (Board)

PACKAGE- D-$95.00-Just need 5X7’s? This is your package!

  • 5-5 x 7 Prints (Lustre)


Individual and Family Portraits ($35.00 sitting fee; 1 hour session in studio; 2 hour on location)

Maternity ($35.00 sitting fee; 1 hour session; 2 hour session on location)

Senior Portraits ($40.00 sitting fee with 3 outfit changes)

Model’s Portfolios ($50.00 sitting fee with 5 outfit changes; flexible packages; 1 1/2 hour studio session; 2 1/2 hour on location session)

Engagement Portraits ($35.00 sitting fee; 1 hour session in studio; 2 hour on location)

Sitting Fees are due on the day of the photo shoot. Individual pricing for photos is priced high in hopes that you will instead purchase a package which have the very best pricing.

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