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It’s a choice 

 All these things truly are choices, although we sometimes live as if we are shackled by our daily circumstances and obligated to be sucked into a vortex of busyness and living a joyless life. Jesus came to give us a … Continue reading

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Why I’m hearing more from God these days…

  The day I stopped trying to keep a perfect house (and perfectly dressed children, perfectly coiffed hair, etc. etc. etc.) is the day I found sweet freedom. Freedom from the overwhelming busyness that kept me from noticing God’s most … Continue reading

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I Resolve to Have a Happier Year!

I have always loved New Year’s. Its symbolic to me. New beginnings; a fresh clean slate. I’d mentally recharge myself and begin again no matter how crummy or filled with failure the previous year had been. I’d make the typical resolutions- you … Continue reading

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So, here we go again…

I used to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’d get pretty fancy and meticulous about it even insisting on a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy a new journal in which to permanently record all my good intentions. The only … Continue reading

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