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dinner at the cemetery and thoughts on death and what we leave behind…

Sometimes I visit our local cemetery to think and reflect…no funeral….no genealogy research… no other reason except for putting things into perspective I suppose. I knew more than a few of those laid to rest here. My grandparents, uncles, a … Continue reading

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the pages turn too quickly…

I feel like the pages of my life are turning too quickly. The days are melting into each other…bright busy mornings overflowing into exhausted evenings…each moment building into the next until they are but years behind me and only memories. My heart … Continue reading

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My house is now my home

Nearly seven years ago, my husband and I decided upon a set of plans and had a new house built. Surprisingly, the construction went so fast we found ourselves painting the walls and getting ready to move in with our … Continue reading

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summer and eternal childhood

We said goodbye to school at least until next fall and “hello” to bare feet and mud between our toes- a pleasure closely matched to ice cream cones and running naked in the rain. The days lingered lazily and the … Continue reading

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                                21 years ago I became a mom for the first time. Those first few hours after giving birth to my oldest child are memories etched in my heart and mind forever. In those precious moments time was suspended and … Continue reading

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I Miss My Grandmother………..

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t miss my grandmother. She passed away years ago, but I haven’t got used to the fact that I cannot go running to sit at her kitchen table and talk to … Continue reading

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