A little about me and why I blog

profile_4427519_75sq_1360011619I am a woman, a blessed mother of 7 (ranging in age from 26  to 4 1/2 years old), a wife, a daughter, a sister, home-school teacher, a pianist, a photographer, a singer, an artist, lover of really good coffee, beautiful sunsets, and life in general…but most importantly, I am a child of the King. Without my Lord and Savior, none of my life would make much sense, let alone be worthwhile. God is my go-to guide and my daily source of strength. I am overwhelmingly grateful for His grace and mercy in my life. He has chosen to bless me in so many ways, for one, allowing me to have this wonderful large family. Our family was built through my birth children and through adoption. My life has been an amazing journey (not always smooth sailing)! I only wish that I’d had the opportunity to blog many years ago.

I won’t pour out some 10 page descriptive essay on who I am and what I believe. I will, however, say that I have no earthly clue what I may write about from time to time in this blog. This is a work in progress; a journey of the “pen” or keyboard, rather. There will be writing filled with opinions, deep philosophical insights, rambling nonsense, hilarity or sometimes maybe I’ll just talk about what I ate for dinner or how itchy my socks were. This blog was originally a photo blog started as a place to display my photography. However, its turned into something much more eclectic and at times including videos or the lovely photography of many others.

There will be room for comments and invitations to get involved in conversations. I will do my best to pour just a little bit more of my time into this blog than I have in the past. I just need to write for my own peace of mind sometimes. There have been times when my writing has cleared away the clouds and darkness or just gave me a healthy release from a nagging worry or trial. Writing is part of healing, discovering and releasing….and sometimes can be a weapon to defend or uphold. Writing can empower the helpless and give a voice to the unnoticed. It can tear down walls or it can build them. Writing is a powerful tool in so many ways. I am thankful to have this creative outlet and freedom to write!

One Response to A little about me and why I blog

  1. Inkplume says:

    I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Award. To find out what it’s all about and keep the chain going, drop by: https://lindathompsonsite.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/and-the-nominees-for-the-liebster-award-are/

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