Welcome to Our School Room!

What better way to begin my new homeschooling blog than to introduce you to our school room. Although I’ve been homeschooling for 16 years (several houses) and have used whatever room was convenient (and wherever my supply cabinets and bookcases would fit), it wasn’t until recently I decided that the kitchen table was not the best way for us to conduct our school day. My high school students were already used to getting assignments and taking to their own nooks away from distractions. But, now that I’m on this journey again with the younger children, I was tired of having to share the table with both books and meals. It just became chaotic at times and made me feel tired and uninspired. After all, we had room other places but some changes would need to be made. The downstairs space that was being occupied by the lonely unused pool table was beckoning me for months before I begged my husband to take it down and allow me to get creative with my school room idea. We got some grumbles from the older “kid” members of this family, but in the end, my idea won out (of course). The pool table was rarely used (maybe once a year) and it was time to put it into storage. I started surfing the great web for inspiration and ideas and came up with my plan. I had to buy very little supplies as I used what I had and did some rearranging of furniture. I only wish we had put this room together sooner because it has reignited my passion and gave us all a really neat place to gather for learning. Its even a great place for my college attending “kids” to spread out in the evening hours with their laptops.

Our Home School Room

Nearly everything in the room was something I already had on hand except for the Melissa and Doug Easel morning/calendar board (put this together with an idea I saw off the internet) and the area rug, which I purchased from Lowe’s. I ordered the wall map, although it can be purchased from a Hobby Lobby. I put the morning board together one evening thinking that surely it wouldn’t take very long- big mistake starting as late as I did (after kids went to bed)! I ended up staying up til 3 a.m. printing everything off and laminating like crazy! Yikes! You should have seen the mess in my office the next morning. Not good at all!

Our new daily routine

I added character qualities which can be printed off at Sarah’s Sweeties. I have this board leaning on a table top easel which is prone to collapsing when the kids give it too much attention. I’m considering another way to set it up without having to stick it on a wall. I like being able to move it out of our way when we’re finished with it.

Sofie demonstrating the Reading Nook

Although I have many books sorted into subjects upstairs in our office/library, we keep what we are currently using daily here on the corner shelf. I also store pencils, some art supplies and other essentials in the baskets and bottles. I moved this small sized recliner from Devin’s room to sit below our “gutter shelves”. He wasn’t at all happy about the idea at first until I convinced him it was for a very worthy cause and that he’d use it more in the school room. I’m thinking of getting a bean bag chair also for this reading nook. The gutter wall shelves was another clever idea I spied during an internet search. They were very inexpensive to buy and easy to install- thanks to my handy sweet Husband!

wall art purchased from Hobby Lobby

I got this wall art from a Hobby Lobby in Alabama but it can also be ordered here. I thought it was just perfect for the wall above our reading nook! Needless to say, we are thrilled with our school room space. The only changes I’ll be making is adding a bean bag chair and putting a clear plastic table cloth on the table to protect the table during messy art time.


  1. I LOVE it! Have you ever put maps or charts on the table under a clear tablecloth? It’s another fun idea to practice places and things. You can combine it with snacktime and tell them to put a goldfish cracker on South Carolina or on the iris (on a chart of the parts of the eye) or on the “B” (alphabet/phonics chart). It keeps it in front of them, but protected. The last time I checked, you can get the plastic by the foot from a roll in the fabric section at WalMart. Get a heavy weight, but know that it will take a few days to settle onto the table, so maybe put it on on the weekend. It will be stiff to start with. I love you and miss you and look forward to keeping up with your adventures with the little one’s schooling! I am so excited for you to get to start over! I understand the trials of doing it again at an older age, but with that age comes wisdom and grace that we didn’t have as young Mommies. Cherish the moments as I know you are! I am blessed to have you as my friend. ❤

  2. Oh to be a child again and get to have class in a school room like this one. And in your own home at that! Doing homework in your PJs- how can you beat that?

    Mary is right, I got a heavy weight (it comes in several weights) 8′ x 60″ length of soft plastic to cover our table in the office dinning room. It does the trick in keeping the cloth clean. They sell it by the yard but I’m not sure our Walmart has it anymore since they downsized the materials department.

    Now if it wasn’t so much work (being a homeschooling mom) it would be like when you were a child and you loved to play school with your dolls. I bet it’s harder to keep your real live dolls seated huh?

    Can I come and play?

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