Friday, January 20th, 2009…gripes & gratitudes


ok, so today started out fairly great because my oldest son, Alex announced that he would like to take his little 2yr old brother to town and buy him new shoes……I dressed that toddler quickly, put his little coat on and passed him along to his 20 year old brother and said “have fun”……

So, you’d think that the day couldn’t go wrong with a beginning like that, huh?……but and somewhere around 1 hour after a late breakfast I got pretty cranky about the mess in the kitchen and how I am just so “sick and tired” of cleaning it 14 times a day because everyone that lives in this house eats at a different time….one comes in eats, makes a mess, another the next hour and so on…….you get the picture, I’m sure. I kinda had one of those screamie pants moments where the kids look at me like I’m “wacked out” or something…….but I think I got my message across when I announced that I would NOT be cleaning that kitchen today and that they would take turns. (that’s the gratitude part of this gripe- they DID do the kitchen cleaning for the rest of the day)

anyhow…..later after all is calmed down and everyone doing homework & such, my 14 yr old son alerts me to the huge and nasty crack in my ceramic stovetop…..WHAT???!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!  I’m not sure how it happened, or when, and I’m sure it was an accident whoever or whatever happened to it, but I am sure its gonna cost a bunch to fix. Can it even be fixed? I’ll be finding out soon.

The rest of the day sort of rolled down hill with lots of younger children aggravation……it was just ONE thing after another! NAPS for everyone!! (at least the ones under 10 years of age) and later I tried to take one because it seemed that exhaustion had just caught up with me — my heart pounded all day like I’d been running a marathon.  The gratitude part of all the “younger children” stuff is that my sweet little youngest (2 years old) took a 4 hour nap and had to be woke up for supper! He was in a nice bubbly mood for the rest of the evening, too! Gosh, maybe that’s what I needed – a 4 hour nap! (I can dream….) He later proceeded to go on to bed nice and sweet at around 8:30…..

Another gratitude—- since the baby was sleeping for most of the day, and my hubbie volunteered to take my neice 8yrs old, whom I homeschool) and our 4 year old daughter downstairs to play. He said he would watch them while he got our tax stuff together……I had 2 whole hours all to myself to do whatever and fix supper! Wow, It is sooooo much easier to cook and get food prepared when people aren’t stepping in and out of the kitchen wanting to know “when will it be done” and saying things like “pwuuuu, what’s that smell” or “yuck, I hate cabbage”! And yet another gratitude – my 14 yr old son, Darian and my 2 yr old son, Devin loved the cabbage!

And here’s the grand finale of what I’m thankful for today — #1 that I even had a day – life itself given by a God who loves me……….my family was all together at the dinner table tonight (all 5 kids, me and the hubbie!), several of my chickens decided to climb down the ladder and explore the ground (bout time!) and I got a relaxing warm jacuzzi bath (its heartshaped – my hubbie picked it out for us and brought it home before we built this house)


  1. by the way, the photo of my baby above was taken during one of last year’s camping trips….he was not having a “happy camper” moment……..he’s usually smiling and having fun, but had missed his nap that day!

  2. It would be cute to have a bawling picture of each child on this article. It would really bring home the true feeling of your day.
    I’m glad it all turned out good in the end.

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