He makes all things new!

spring  flowers in vases I love Easter. I always have.Its my favorite holiday. Most people say that Christmas is their favorite holiday and then there are those that just adore Halloween. But, I have always favored Easter for more than several good reasons. First of all, for the fact that its a reminder of what Jesus did for us…..as if we would even need a reminder of how He laid down his life for us and then rose from the dark grips of death – just as He said he would. That remarkable and unforgettable act of love on His part represents “hope eternal” and the proof that His promises can be believed. There just isn’t much in this world that we can believe and stake our very hearts on, but God has shown us in a way that no one else could that He is our Savior and hero.

2009 04 13_0713_edited-1

Easter can also signify forgiveness and mercy. To think that the Creator of the universe thought us worthy enough to die a cruel and undeserved violent death for and then return triumphantly from a cold grave is a thought that instills more hope than a lifetime could hold. Me, ordinary ole me………. he died and came back for me – and you ……….and the rest of humanity. And not a single one of us could ever earn the price He paid.

Easter also represents new beginnings. We watch in anticipation while flowers begin to bloom and trees dance in the wind with brand new blossoms. No matter how old I get while on this earth, I will always have the same awe and wonder at the newness and beauty that Spring brings as if I’ve never seen it before. I’ll take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the soft green grass of April as a first experience. I’ll soak in the warmth of Spring because Winter has deprived me of my time outside. I’ll begin planning my garden, my vacation, my “warmer-days-activities” and glow in appreciation that God has once again come through and allowed the light to burst through the frigid darkness of Winter.

2009 04 13_0692_edited-1 Just as the sun washes away the shivering sadness that a long Winter can bring, God will one day send Jesus back to rescue us, wipe away all our tears, and create a new Heaven and a new earth. Jesus told us that “He makes all things new”……….His promises can be believed. Easter is about a promise kept by the Keeper of my heart and soul.

5He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Revelation 21:5 (New International Version)

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