Monday, Monday…

Kirnu, a steel roller coaster in Linnanmäki. S...
Kirnu, a steel roller coaster in Linnanmäki. Suomi: Kuva Kirnusta. Français : Les montagnes russes finlandaises Kirnu à Linnanmäki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like Mondays. No, really, I actually do. Its a chance to start over and reassess the previous week. Which is what I’m doing today. Our homeschooling routine has been a roller coaster of unexpectedness the last couple weeks yet my children are still learning. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. Its doesn’t and can’t always be a set apart time (8:30-2:30), although we all yearn for that(sometimes). It has to be a way of life.


Learning takes place in every aspect of our lives in this household even if we aren’t all gathered around the “school table” in our school room downstairs. We even have impromptu quick reviews and lessons in the car while waiting in line, long drives, etc. Coming back from running errands the other day we had oral spelling quizzes and math drills. Of course, Sofie, Devin, and Lexie just think mom and dad are playing with them and having fun. But, then again, isn’t learning supposed to be fun? Why take all the joy out of it?

The most effective educations take place when the student is most engaged and really enjoying it! The baby just loves soaking in all the fun conversation around him. I’m positive that although he isn’t talking much yet, he is sponging it all in and learning also.

Mesker Park Zoo

We took a field trip to the Evansville Mesker Park Zoo last Wednesday and had a really nice time. This is a great example of “hands on and eyes on” learning in action!

Today, there is much to catch up on in this household, so there may not be as many “table hours”. I need to get an upper-hand on some things around the Tompkins Plantation and get the tasks off my mind…this is so important for me as their teacher. When I’ve got mounding chores that have gotten out of hand, I find that getting them done and out of the way, makes me a more creative instructor.

Hopefully, I’ll be uploading some really nice pictures of our trip to the zoo. I just need to get those looming chores out of the way first.


Common musical notes
Common musical notes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s school agenda includes: all the regular math, reading, and phonics plus reviews over what we’ve learned this year so far. I also plan on starting them on learning a new song to sing together. All my little ones love to sing with me, so I thought it would be fun to pick a song to work on every day and sing in church later on. Anyone got some song suggestions?


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