The simplest things…

I had a rare but precious hour of peace and quiet yesterday with my adorable 2 year old baby boy. Its not the usual for me to get some time with just one of my little ones at a time, but when I do I appreciate it greatly. We both went outside to the yard to enjoy the less than 90 degree breeze and to let him play in the sandbox. The other little ones stayed inside with daddy (which is why there was so much peace and quiet outside). The only sounds I experienced were crickets chirping, the birds singing and my tiny boy’s trucks brushing through the sand moved by his little hands. I love watching my darling baby play–his teeny dimpled hands exploring and the curiosity he shows when he gets lost in his own little world of trucks and sand.

20120807-125408.jpgLater on, we both got a basket and I let him help me pick cherry tomatoes from our garden. He loves doing this and did pretty well until he discovered how fun it was to squish the littlest ones and feed them to the chickens. The chickens were thankful!

I know these kind of moments might seem average or even boring to anyone besides a mother, but that one hour of quiet serenity with my baby was priceless to me. I feel refreshed and thankful. It’s the everyday moments like these that make motherhood so much more joyful.


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