My house is now my home

Nearly seven years ago, my husband and I decided upon a set of plans and had a new house built. Surprisingly, the construction went so fast we found ourselves painting the walls and getting ready to move in with our three children and start nestling into our new lives. Four children later, and seven years down the road, I find that I’m just now really starting to feel more “at home” in this house than before. I used to think that the thrill would wear off of living in a brand new home but it hasn’t. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t find myself washed in this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for this lovely house. It’s so much more than just a nicely built structure for human inhabitants. Every room, every nook and cranny in this house is connected to a memory we’ve made with our friends and family that have all come together here to share life with us.


Thank you, Lord, for blessing us, with not only the house, but our home. Please let me not be so overwhelmed with the duties that surround me here, but to always remember to cultivate life and love. Forgive me for being wrapped up in my own stressed out worries of trying to keep this house clean and tidy. Help me instead to spend more time actually living life to the fullest with the guidance of Your precious Holy Spirit. 

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